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New technology takes the hard work out of community engagement

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 13:06

Councils, developers, and other organisations can now undertake community engagement for less than half the usual cost thanks to a new online tool developed by Sydney technology startup Rüppells Griffon. The customisable web-based app, CommunityNotes, gives project owners a fully interactive and intuitive interface for capturing stakeholder feedback and making informed decisions. Convenient online access to CommunityNotes from any device enables project owners to reach more stakeholders and increase their level of engagement. Stakeholders can discover more about the project, visualise it through the maps interface, and participate in fully transparent community conversations. Rüppells Griffonâs co-founder and director, Ana Ouriques, said that the team worked closely with community consultants to ensure the app met their needs and requirements. Rüppells Griffon has also launched a free version of the app called YourSay that enables end users to share knowledge of their local areas.