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The new RIEGL VQX-1 Wing Pod

The RIEGL VQX-1 Wing Pod is a compact, rugged but lightweight, aerodynamically shaped wing pod ready for the user-friendly installation and straightforward application to facilitate various airborne mapping applications. The pod is designed to carry a RIEGL laser scanner, a high-end IMU/GNSS system and up to three high-resolution medium-format cameras.

EASA supplemental type certificate for the pod to be mounted on Cessna Single Piston-Engine Aircraft models 172, 182, and 206 is available.

RIEGL VQX-1 Key Features

• fully integrated airborne laser scanning wing strut pod

• suited for Cessna Single Piston-Engine Aircraft models 172, 182 and 206

• integration of various RIEGL laser scanner types possible

• high grade IMU/GNSS system

• up to 3 medium format cameras with forward/nadir and backward look

RIEGL VQX-1 Typical Applications

• medium and wide-area high resolution mapping

• oil & gas pipeline monitoring

• powerline mapping

• survey of urban environments

• flood zone mapping and emergency management planning

• agriculture and forestry