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GGP Systems partners with Blackpool Council to power new Brownfield Register pilot

By [email protected] - 21st September 2016 - 15:05

GGP Systems Ltd (GGP) announced a partnership with Blackpool Council, it has implemented a new Web Mapping solution aimed at providing Blackpool residents and businesses with information. Powered by GGP’s latest web mapping technology, the first project implemented is a ‘Brownfield Site Register’. Blackpool successfully bid for ‘Brownfield Register Pilot Status’ and is helping to shape and develop the approach to brownfield registers. The experiences of Blackpool and other pilot authorities will feed into future legislation and guidance. Interrogation of the land parcels identified produces a list of information for developers on which they can make assessments. This is the first in a number of installations of GGP’s new web mapping solution, providing the public and internal staff with access to council held information and is another step forward for GGP as it continues to extend its offerings within the public sector.