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Geological Survey of Israel Chooses SuperGIS Desktop

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:35

Supergeo Technologies Inc. has announced that the Geological Survey of Israel utilizes SuperGIS Desktop and extensions such as Spatial Analyst, Spatial Statistics Analyst and 3D Analyst, to enhance the efficiency of its geological and earth science research. Geological Survey of Israel (GSI), founded in 1949, is a government institute operating under the Earth Science Research Administration. The objectives of the GSI is to maintain the national earth sciences data base and analytical infrastructure. SuperGIS Desktop is designed to assist GIS users in their daily geospatial tasks with better analysis tools at an affordable price. With useful analyst extensions, GSI researchers are able to process their geospatial data with ease. The enhanced SuperGIS 3D Analyst enables the GSI users to display raster and feature data in a 3D environment, making the result look more realistic.

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