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Air Sciences tests Aeromapper Talon for high resolution terrain mapping in California Desert

By [email protected] - 26th February 2019 - 12:47

Air Sciences Inc. hired GeosUAS Inc, and Aeromao Inc. to demonstrate the Aeromapper Talon’s capabilities for use in high resolution terrain mapping of a windy, dry lake bed in Southern California. Air Sciences is considering the Aeromapper Talon to acquire 3 cm resolution DEMs and orthophotos for around 8 km2 to be acquired on regular intervals.During the tests, the Talon flew several successful flights of up to 1.5 hrs.The plane flew and landed successfully when ground level winds were about 15 mph and gusting to 20 mph. Once the images were processed with Pix4D Mapper, the resultant terrain and orthophotos were of high quality, equivalent to data obtained from an industry-grade quadcopter. The Aeromapper Talon is a turnkey sUAS manufactured by Canadian company Aeromao Inc. and designed for tasks such as mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, monitoring and surveillance.