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Space-Comm Scotland

By Vic Andreou - 13th April 2024 - 07:44

11 - 12 September
SEC, Glasgow
2 days

Space-Comm Scotland is the new catalyst for the Scottish space sector to do business. Cited the best place in the UK to reach in-demand satellite orbits with vertically launched rockets, Scotland’s space sector is rising faster than anywhere else in the UK, aiming to grow in value to £4 billion by 2030. According to data from UK Space Agency, 18% of all UK space roles are filled by Scotland’s 8,440-person strong talent pool.

The new regional instalment of the award-winning Space-Comm Expo, which takes place annually in Farnborough, England, Space-Comm Scotland will bring together the entire value-chain for two days of networking, thought leadership, and buying in defence, downstream data applications and upstream supply chain.

Following the success of Space-Comm Expo, Space-Comm Scotland is supported by the leading organisations and agencies within the industry, with UK Space Agency, UKSpace, ADS Scotland, Space Scotland and KTN named as founding supporters.

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