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Yotta Adds International Dimension with the Introduction of Horizons 2.7

By [email protected] - 6th January 2016 - 17:28

Highways and infrastructure technology company, Yotta has unveiled the latest version of its visualised asset management platform, Horizons. With the growing international momentum Version 2.7 follows up on the international launch last year by making Dutch and Spanish language versions of the software available for the first time. The Dutch version helps its partner, Wegdekmeten, grow further in the Dutch market. The introduction of the Spanish version reflects a growing focus on Spain as well as the growing demand across the broader North and South American regions, where Spanish is widely spoken. In addition, the latest version of Horizons now offers full currency support. Yotta has also made several additional enhancements to the new version to enhance its usability across multiple geographies and to deepen its analytical functionality, which enables asset managers to take account of recently completed work when running predictive, forward-looking analysis.