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Xsens releases MT Software Suite 4.3

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 14:06

Xsens has released MT Software Suite 4.3, with a wide range of improvements for the MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series. The feature that stands out in this release is Active Heading Stabilization (AHS). For most applications, the AHS algorithm means a 20 times improvement compared to pure gyroscope dead reckoning. Especially when traditional heading tracking with magnetometers is not possible, AHS is the best and most cost-effective solution. Typical applications that can benefit from AHS are; agricultural vehicles, indoor robotics, satcom on the move (SOTM) and hand held (laser) scanners. Full support for 64-bit and Linux, ROS Node Software Suite 4.3 is the first MT Software Suite that installs a 64-bit version. This allows faster response on large files. AHS is available immediately as a free firmware upgrade to all MTi customers as part of the just released MT Software Suite 4.3.