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Xsens Introduces the new MTi-7

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 14:33

The new MTi-7 miniature and low power GNSS/INS module introduced by Xsens expands the MTi product portfolio which uses input from an external GNSS receiver to provide accurate, real-time position, velocity and orientation data. The new MTi-7 module is compact (12 mm x 12 mm), weighs less than 1 gram and consumes under 100 mW. It is ideal for use in space- and power-constrained devices such as drones & UAVs, as well as autonomous or remote-controlled mapping and imaging equipment. The high performance of the MTi-7 is due to Xsens’ advanced and proven sensor fusion algorithms.The MTi-7 GNSS/INS module is a new miniature motion tracking module with multiple GNSS receiver support, it is the smallest GNSS/INS module using advanced sensor fusion algorithms. With its miniature SMD form factor and low power consumption it is ideal for low level integration in upcoming technologies including drones, UAV’s, smart farming, unmanned control, Internet of (Moving) Things and robotics.