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Workshop [email protected] MDIS

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:01

The MDIS workshop (Measurement of Deformation by Imaging Satellite), to be held in Autrans, Manoir des Lauzes, France, between October 7 and 9, is intended to bring together researchers and students to discuss the techniques of radar interferometry and radar image correlation and their use in various applications linked to human activity (urban subsidence, hydrological, mining, oil), the cryosphere, and landslides. The objectives are to share knowledge and best practice on these issues and to coordinate discussions and actions with various institutions.â©

Participation in the workshop will be partly funded (living expenses), by TOSCA project (CNES), Mastodons (CNRS), Labex OSUG @ 2020 / Université Grenoble-Alpes. We strongly encourage students to participate.â©

For more information, please visit: â¨

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