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Working to improve the resilience of Caribbean water supply

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 13:40

Two major hurricanes devastated the Caribbean in 2017. The resulting damage and disruption to water services had a severe impact on the general population, as well as on essential services. HR Wallingford is working on a project to improve the resilience of the Caribbean water supply services sector. The climate risks facing each islandâs water services sector are unique. Climate risk and vulnerability assessments carried out by HR Wallingford in Grenada and St Kitts and Nevis has revealed these diverse challenges. In Grenada, the water supply is dominated by surface water systems, which are at risk of damage from sediment laden flood flows during storms that cause regular disruption and outages in the wet season. In St Kitts and Nevis, where groundwater is used more widely, its supply is dependent on reliable electricity. The passage of Hurricane Irma through St Kitts and Nevis disrupted water supplies when power outages prevented the pumping of groundwater.

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