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Wirral Council migrates to PostGIS

By [email protected] - 1st July 2019 - 15:02

The GIS Officers at Wirral Council use Cadcorp SIS and web mapping applications to deliver geospatial information internally and to the public. PostgreSQL with the PostGIS extension is being used as the spatial database. The Council is migrating its GIS data and sought a 1-day training course to familiarise themselves with operating the database. Cadcorp delivered its ‘Using PostGIS with Cadcorp SIS’ training course that guides system administrators through the process of managing spatial data, installing and configuring the PostGIS database, and loading data into the desktop GIS and web mapping applications. The Council’s GIS and IT system administrators attended the course. Vikki Chapman, GI and Mapping Officer at Wirral Council commented: “The course really helped us to quickly get to grips with PostGreSQL with the PostGIS extension.”