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Wildfire: There’s an App for That!

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 13:06

Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) becomes the first state agency in the USA to utilize the Collector app for initial wildfire attack. This new, cutting-edge app enhances fire situational awareness by pulling all of the information and tools needed to fight wildfires into one program. Collector, developed by Esri, provides critical information quickly, resulting in faster fire suppression, and increased safety for the public and firefighters. Mark Goeller, fire management chief, Oklahoma Forestry Services said âIt means that fires can be more quickly sized up and firefighters efficiently deployed to the areas where they are most needed.â Arriving on the scene of a large wildfire incident, firefighters must quickly assess the situation, devise a strategy and develop tactics to convey to the other responders. Collector facilitates the process, allowing for accurate and timely analysis for all responders to receive real-time on their mobile devices.