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Wallasea Wild Coast wins Project Excellence Award

By [email protected] - 20th April 2016 - 10:20

The RSPB’s landscape-scale habitat creation scheme on Wallasea Island has won the Environment Agency Project Excellence Award for Sustainable Resource Management. Project Excellence Awards are awarded to projects that have been either managed or supported by the Environment Agency and demonstrate a contribution towards protecting and improving the environment for people and wildlife. The Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project is helping to tackle several climate change impacts, including by creating conditions for colonising species, replacing habitat lost to rising sea levels and reducing flood risk to local communities. ABPmer is the RSPB’s marine adviser on this project. The company designed the functionality of the scheme, lead the Environmental Impact Assessment, prepared the required planning submissions and now undertakes the necessary estuarine monitoring. The project is also moving forward the science of landscape engineering by creating intertidal habitats on the largest scale seen so far in Europe.