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VSTEP introduces Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator for shipboard incidents

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

Following an extensive trial period and pilot sessions with professional AFF instructors and crews, VSTEP officially launches its Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator (AFF) for shipboard incidents. The AFF simulator enables participants to experience and train any incident on board a ship first-hand and is built to fully support and comply to the STCW Advanced Fire Fighting courses. The RescueSim Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator includes functionality, environments, emergency equipment and objects that are common to specific types of shipboard incidents and essential for STCW compliant AFF Training, including watertight doors, fire flaps, and many more. During simulator training, the participants in the simulator assess the situation and determine the best response strategy. They then implement it and immediately observe the consequences of their decisions in real-time in the simulator. The simulator allows users to try out different response strategies for an incident in a safe, controlled environment.