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VisionTrack Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered Video Analysis

By GeoConnexion - 1st March 2023 - 10:12

VisionTrack, the AI video telematics and connected fleet data specialist, is transforming commercial fleet safety with the launch of a sophisticated AI-powered post-analysis solution. NARA (Notification, Analysis and Risk Assessment) will revolutionise how vehicle camera footage is assessed and help vehicle operators to dramatically reduce road deaths and injuries. NARA is device agnostic so can be integrated with existing connected camera technology – whether VisionTrack or third party hardware – and adds another powerful layer of analysis to AI vehicle cameras, installed with edge-based AI technology, that are often limited by the processing capacity of the device. NARA represents a huge step forward for video telematics as it uses ground-breaking computer vision models with sensor fusion to assess footage of driving events, near misses and collisions.

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