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VisionMap Upgrades A3 Edge Oblique Capabilities 

By [email protected] - 25th August 2015 - 10:13

VisionMap has introduced upgraded oblique capabilities to its A3 Edge Digital Mapping System. The A3 Edge camera, well known for its high capture productivity, now utilizes a proprietary Roll Stabilization Technology that increases its efficiency even further, particularly for oblique projects. The A3 Edge camera collects images by means of two telescopes that âsweepâ from side to side to create an extremely wide 106° field of view. Each sweep captures oblique and vertical images simultaneously. The new Roll Stabilization Technology shortens the time it takes to complete each sweep, allowing for even faster coverage of the entire area. Productivity is increased for orthophoto, and especially for oblique production. A comparison between the A3 Edge Digital Mapping Camera and another oblique camera, surveying the same area, resulted in 50% less processing time for VisionMapâs A3 Edge Camera.