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Virtual Reality in CAx-Applications

By [email protected] - 22nd August 2019 - 14:53

With the VR PluraView monitor, the term “3D-CAD” is now given a completely new value for CAx, Design & Design: The innovative VR system makes working in virtual reality environments as well as stereoscopic visualization in construction and design a reality.

The new VR PluraView is a passive virtual reality stereo monitor. As a full-fledged VR / AR desktop system, it is based on the successful 3D PluraView monitor from Schneider Digital. The proven, flicker-free beam splitter technology allows the user - even over a longer period - a fatigue-free VR working. Equipped with a high-tech tracking system, the VR PluraView now allows interaction with 3D stereo models and content across all axes. Zoom, rotate and incline without a mouse, either via head tracking and / or using tracking-balls or a 3D