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URISA Releases White Paper Defining the Boundaries of Practice Between Surveyors and GIS Professiona

By [email protected] - 25th October 2018 - 10:47

In recent years, URISA’s Policy Advisory Committee has facilitated several panel discussions at GIS-Pro conferences during which surveyors and GIS professionals have discussed the distinctive, yet complementary, services that each profession provides. Surveyors and GIS professionals each create, analyze, and draw conclusions from maps and associated data. While their respective skills and responsibilities are distinct, there is sufficient overlap to have caused some conflict as to which practices are appropriate to each profession. In some states, GIS professionals are using easily operated GPS devices to capture the location of new elements for public agency maps - a practice traditionally reserved for licensed surveyors. This paper reviews the current definition of that professional boundary, and outlines some aspects that remain insufficiently precise. Good will and mutual respect have enabled these two professions to arrive at the current “boundary” definition. The goal of this White Paper is to assist with the dialog by providing background and recommendations.