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University of Glasgow selects Intelligent Telematics for 3G Vehicle Camera Solution

By [email protected] - 18th January 2017 - 11:41

University of Glasgow has chosen Intelligent Telematics to provide a 3G vehicle camera solution for its fleet operation to target insurance savings and encourage responsible driving. Intelligent Telematicsâ industry-leading IT1000 device will initially be installed on 25 vans before being rolled out across a further 87 fleet vehicles made up predominantly of cars and minibuses. The IT1000 will be used to capture video evidence to prove liability in the event of a collision involving one of the fleet vehicles. This will help speed up the insurance claims process to reduce the administrative burden on the Universityâs internal resources. Previously, disputes have become incredibly time consuming, even when only a minor bump or scrape, so the 3G cameras will now allow the office-based transport team to determine fault within minutes of an incident occurring.