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Unifly appoints new CEO

By GeoConnexion - 17th September 2020 - 08:01

To lead Unifly in its next growth phase, Leon van de Pas has been appointed CEO of Unifly. He succeeds Marc Kegelaers in this role. Leon van de Pas: “When I first came across Unifly three years ago, for me that was the first time I truly realized the vast potential of unmanned vehicles moving along all three dimensions. I was struck by the opportunity of “mapping” the low altitude airspace. It is even more thrilling to imagine that all solutions currently built on a two-dimensional map for traditional manned vehicles will have to be brought to the third dimension for autonomous vehicles and ultimately in real-time. I want to thank Marc Kegelaers for bringing Unifly where it is today and I am honored to lead the Unifly team through its next growth phase.”

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