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UK Space Agency funding for international space partnerships

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 10:40

The UK Space Agency is launching a £20 million fund to support international partnerships that will harness the UK’s national strengths, support new space capabilities and catalyze investment. Up to £2 million will initially be available from the International Bilateral Fund (IBF) to help strengthen the space sector’s partnerships with other space nations, with further funding to be made available over the next two years, it was announced on the opening day of the Space Symposium conference in the US (17 April 2023). The IBF is the UK Space Agency’s first dedicated fund focused on building and strengthening the UK’s relationships with strategically important international partners and partners from emerging space nations. The funding is available to industry, academia and research organizations to work with international partners on projects that could help, for example, bring new services to market or support cutting-edge research.

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