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UAVOS Tested New Flight Algorithm ‘Glider’ For An Unmanned Helicopter

By [email protected] - 7th January 2019 - 12:17

UAVOS Inc. has successfully tested the new GLIDER flight algorithm for the VTOL UAV, featuring a high level of safety in case of failures of the UAV power plant in flight. Flight mode GLIDER not only allows the helicopter to automatically switch into autorotation mode when the engine fails, it also protects the power unit from overloads during critical flight conditions. The new flight algorithm significantly improves the survivability of the UAV, improves flight safety, and reduces insurance costs. The basic principle of the new algorithm is based on the priority of maintaining the revolutions of the main rotor to the detriment of maintaining a preset altitude in critical situations. It happens due to the redistribution of control, when the revolutions of the main rotor are not supported by the engine, but by collective pitch (change in the total elevation angle of all blades). The new autorotation algorithm is part of the programmed Autopilot module UAVOS.