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UAVOS Fixed-Wing UAV Sitaria Completed Flight Tests

By [email protected] - 25th October 2018 - 11:16

UAVOS Inc. has completed a series of test flights of a new Sitaria fixed - wing UAV. The new UAV is designed for patrol and observation missions, for aerial photography of terrain area with a radius of up to 120 km. Among other tasks, the unmanned aircraft is purposely designed to work with the LIDAR airborne laser scanning equipment as payload UAV Sitaria has a wide range of speeds, which allows the aircraft to carry out missions at minimum flight speeds close to 70 km/h. To fulfill a mission using LIDAR it is important to maintain a certain speed of the aircraft relative to the ground. When the UAV performs monitoring while moving against the wind, it shall keep high air speed, and moving upwind – lower speed. Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and board member comments: “During monitoring missions, a wide range of speeds allows Sitaria fixed - wing drone to quickly reach the object and return back at the optimal speed.”