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UAVOS and Polynesian Exploration up to Creating Autonomous Solution for 3D Mapping

By [email protected] - 20th December 2019 - 09:52

The light unmanned helicopter UVH -25EL powered by UAVOS’s autopilot is an ideal platform for a long-distance autonomous solution for 3D mapping. The UVH-25EL has increased performance with a carrying capacity, a flying range, and an extended temperature range. Take-off and landing as well as missions are carried out automatically. The POLYSCANNER is an integrated payload solution for Aerial HD Mapping and Surveying. The system features a choice of LiDAR’s, a global shutter camera and dual frequency RTK GNSS/INS with centimetre-level accuracy, as well as a high level of integration and sensor fusion software. The system is capable of creating accurate colorized 3D models in a point cloud format.