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u-blox and Position Partners roll out PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service to Australia

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 10:51

u-blox, a global provider of positioning and wireless communication technology and services, and Position Partners, an Australasian provider of intelligent positioning solutions, have announced the expanded coverage of the PointPerfect global navigation satellite system (GNSS) augmentation service to Victoria and New South Wales, including Melbourne and Sydney, as an initial step in rolling out the service to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Available via Thingstream, u-blox’s enterprise-grade IoT service delivery platform, PointPerfect is the first PPP-RTK (Precise Point Positioning, Real-Time Kinematic) high-precision positioning solution commercialized in the region. PointPerfect adopts the global industry-driven SPARTN messaging format that enables the highly efficient transfer of GNSS correction data. The collaboration between Position Partners and u-blox will facilitate the rollout of accurate positioning for a diverse range of applications.

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