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Turbine Rear Frame for a Chinese new commercial engine programme

By [email protected] - 21st December 2016 - 16:29

GKN Aerospace has secured a machining contract with Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) Commercial Aero Engine Co. to supply development parts of the Turbine Rear Frame (TRF) for the new high-bypass turbofan jet engine - being developed to power Chinese commercial jet airliners. The TRF will be delivered in the second quarter of 2017, for use in the new commercial engine test and development programme. They will be manufactured at the GKN Aerospace facility in Trollhattan, Sweden, which is a centre of excellence for turbine engine structures. Alex Guruprasad, Vice President Business Development Engine Systems comments: “This is our second agreement with AECC CAE and demonstrates the trust and continuous relationship being developed with AECC CAE. We will continue to closely follow this market and work with AECC CAE and the Chinese aerospace industry for additional opportunities”.