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TUNDRA drone integrated with UgCS Integrated Systems solutions

By GeoConnexion - 26th January 2022 - 13:51

SPH Engineering and France-based Hexadrone partner to integrate TUNDRA drone with a ground-penetrating radar. The trial flight was conducted in Balogi, Latvia and confirmed the compatibility of the drone with a GPR sensor to perform near surface surveys. The integration was performed to unlock a new type of drone for industrial, hydrographic, urban and environmental data collection with the use of a GPR, magnetometers, methane detectors, echo sounders. The solution consists of UgCS software for mission-planning, UgCS SkyHub hardware (on-board computer) for data accumulation, Radar Systems Zond Aero GPR and Hexadrone TUNDRA drone. Main advantages of the Tundra drone include a modular and multipurpose body that can be integrated with almost any payloads, accessories and modules available on the market or in development.

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