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Trimble Expands its Geospatial Automated Monitoring Portfolio

By GeoConnexion - 19th August 2021 - 10:50

Trimble announced the addition of a geotechnical portfolio to its geospatial automated monitoring portfolio through a collaboration with Worldsensing, a wireless connectivity technology provider and a manufacturer of geotechnical IoT monitoring systems. The collaboration enables survey, geotechnical and structural engineers to seamlessly expand their monitoring business opportunities with a comprehensive solution that incorporates geotechnical and geospatial data. Data from a variety of geotechnical and geospatial sensors—from tiltmeters, piezometers and crack gauges to GNSS receivers and total stations—combined with wireless communication and robust software create powerful monitoring solutions. This provides unparalleled movement analysis to monitor transportation infrastructure, buildings, structures, dams, mines as well as landslides and natural hazards.

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