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Tracking the Source of the Essequibo River in South America

By [email protected] - 23rd April 2015 - 14:18

The Essequibo River is one of the largest rivers in Guyana, South America, and flows 1,010 km through forests and savannah into the Atlantic Ocean. Travelling to the source of the Essequibo River, which lies in untouched rainforest in the Acarai Mountains, has been a huge challenge that not many scientists have faced. In 2013, a multifaceted team accepted the challenge to film the never-before-recorded source of the Essequibo and its source valley. Through the use of both field exploration and geospatial technology, the team was able to achieve a higher level of accuracy than ever before, even given the monumental and historical challenges. The end result of this effort was a powerful television documentary called âExpedition Essequibo,â which was showcased at the residence of the European Union Ambassador and broadcasted throughout Germany and France.