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Topcon introduces new laser series designed for distance and accuracy

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 14:35

Topcon Positioning Group announces the latest additions to its RL-H line of self-leveling rotating lasers. The RL-H5 series is designed for high-accuracy and long working range in laser applications for grading, excavating and general construction projects. The new offering includes instruments to support diverse job site demands. “Topcon has a history of providing contractors with durable, high-accuracy lasers. The RL-H5 series offers contractors more operating options and affordable choices no matter what the job demands — whether it is machine guidance, checking grade, setting foundations and footings, checking excavations for pools, patios, or driveways,” said Murray Lodge, senior vice president of the Topcon Construction Business Unit. “The RL-H5 builds on what Topcon has been bringing to the market for years and pushes the contractor’s productivity capabilities to the next level. It is another example of our commitment to The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology.”