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Topcon Improves Accuracy On Replica Grade 1 Listed Building Redevelopment

By [email protected] - 26th February 2019 - 14:40

When embarking on a development project that will see the creation of more than 70 luxury apartments in London, the JRL Group turned to Topcon Positioning GB to provide a complete end-to-end workflow solution. The project is the reconstruction of a building in line with surrounding Grade 1 listed architecture in Central London. The team was working within the confines of relatively small, indoor spaces, so needed a technology that allowed each point to be laid out within an extremely tight tolerance of 2mm. The shape of each apartment also added an extra layer of complexity for the team. Each room used three separate grid systems making it difficult for the team to set out gridlines. To help overcome this, the JRL Group used Topcon GT robotic total stations. The GT series offer users a high-performance solution that are also a third smaller than others in size, making them ideal for use in the confined working areas.