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Topcon GNSS receivers chosen for large-scale national network in Finland

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 13:37

Topcon Europe Positioning B.V. announces the successful bid award for 400 HiPer SR network GNSS receivers by Maanmittauslaitos, the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS). NLS is responsible for a number of national geo-data services online and at various service locations throughout the country. Users include landowners, real estate agents and hikers — and services provided include property information, cadastral surveys, printed maps and publications, digital products and ICT-services. To help maintain the highest possible standards of work and data production, the NLS carries out a four-year review and assessment of geomatics equipment, services and solutions — and from 2016 to 2020 will be utilising high-precision Topcon GNSS solutions. The Maanmittauslaitos will be using the Topcon HiPer SR receivers to carry out field-based operations connecting to and receiving RTK data from the national network GNSS system.