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Topcon expands vertical construction portfolio

By [email protected] - 1st November 2019 - 11:44

Topcon Positioning Group presented multiple vertical construction solutions at Intergeo 2019. The GTL-1000 combines a 3D scanner and integrated total station and is designed to speed up construction verification workflows from what traditionally took days to now only hours to complete. Topcon also has a new application for the GLS-2000 scanner for concrete floor flatness and floor levelness analysis through ClearEdge3D Rithm for Navisworks software. Also added is a new edition to Topcon’s layout navigator instrument line: with an expanded field of view and increased tracking capabilities, the LN-150 layout tool allows users to import BIM models, PDF and CAD files; quickly set up and get straight to the task of laying out the job site or verifying that as-built conditions meet design specifications. At Intergeo, Topcon showed its hands-free, voice-activated MAGNET heads-up display for the LN series and the Topcon motorized total station portfolio. The wearable assistant provides visual layout directions via glasses that guide the operator to efficiently perform layout work at a construction site. Additionally, Topcon introduced an advancement to its TSshield asset tracking service for total stations.