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Topcon announces next generation of online support and training

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 09:34

Topcon Positioning Group has launched the myTopcon support and training site. The site is designed to offer in-depth product information and engagement resources for Topcon customers and distributors managed through the newly developed Professional Services team.

Ron Oberlander, senior director of Professional Services, said, “It is our corporate responsibility to ensure that users have information readily available to them when they need it and myTopcon is a powerful step in that direction.”

The mobile-friendly site includes the ability for users to customise their learning experience. “If a user sees a support or training article that they like, they can simply add it to their library of articles or even customise a localised training curriculum for their organisation. Any number of videos, articles or documents can be added to various combinations of libraries, which can be shared inside or outside their organisations,” Oberlander said.

The previous support site is being automatically redirected to the new one. New users can sign up directly on the myTopcon homepage

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