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TomTom VIA: Satnav Reliability with Real-Time Smarts of a Phone

By [email protected] - 23rd August 2016 - 09:41

TomTom announces two new smart satnavs, which use your smartphone to enhance their intelligence further. The TomTom VIA 52 and 62 feature a smartphone connection – meaning drivers get much more for their money. The satnavs double as Bluetooth® connected hands-free kits for calling, feature real-time traffic information, and live speed camera alerts, all at an affordable price. The highly-praised real-time traffic information means that drivers can avoid sitting in queues, while the live speed camera alerts gets drivers to new locations safely, and stress-free. After pairing their satnav with their smartphone, drivers can simply slip the phone in their pocket, get in the car and everything is ready to go – leaving them to focus on enjoying the drive. By combining the connected smartphone and satnav, the driver gets the best of both worlds.

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