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The New Phase One 4-Band Multi-spectral Solution

By [email protected] - 21st September 2016 - 15:24

Phase One Industrial 4-Band solution incorporates an innovative batch-processing tool that automates and simplifies the four band aerial image generation process. The solution is composed of two synchronized Phase One metric aerial cameras mounted side by side on a base plate, a Phase One iX Controller and Phase One iX Capture software. Images are captured in NIR and RGB bands simultaneously, and processed automatically to generate distortion-free images and perform fine co-registration of the pixels from NIR to the RGB images, including processing different image sizes, with seven different output options, including multispectral CIR images. The solution’s flexibility helps customers to fully utilize their investments – the two individual cameras may be employed for different purposes when not being used as part of the 4-Band solution. The 4-Band Solution is useful in varied applications ranging from crop metrics for optimization, to vegetation health, environmental contamination and city observations.

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