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The new Paving Control System from Trimble

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:01

Trimble has announced the Trimble® PCS900 Paving Control System version 2.20 for GOMACO and Guntert & Zimmerman placer/spreader machines. The new version of PCS900 further automates the paving train by enabling contractors to use GNSS-based positioning, in conjunction with a base station, to steer the machine and control the machineâs elevation according to a 3D model. This can significantly improve paving productivity and reduce material waste on concrete road and airport surfaces. By using Trimble grade control components on their placer/speader, existing users can realize a faster return on their investment for Trimble technology. Using the PCS900 system, time-consuming labor spent setting up stringlines can be eliminated. The Trimble PCS900 uses GNSS-based positioning to keep the placer/spreader on the target alignment, design and slope so contractors can spread material faster and more efficiently while reducing labor costs.