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The Kullasoft Android Version Is Here!

By [email protected] - 23rd February 2017 - 11:06

Kullasoft Ltd are pleased to announce the Android version release for the PGM Manager app. The PGM Manager app was specifically developed by CEO Jimmy Pewtress, to allow surveyors to capture control point data on-site, upload it to a web portal and create witness diagrams at the click of a button. This significantly minimizes time on site and thus increases productivity throughout the organisation. Now with 96 registered users the PGM Manager app for surveyors can now officially be utilized by Android users too. Pewtress says, “After talking to a lot of surveyors over the past few months, it became apparent that the majority of smartphones used in the geospatial world run on Android. To accommodate this, it gives us great pleasure to unveil the Android version of our PGM Manager app. To anybody who’s already used our iOS version, it will look and feel almost identical.