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TerraGo Edge® Simplifies Field Data Collection with Cloud Hosting

By [email protected] - 23rd April 2015 - 14:18

TerraGo has announced the availability of the TerraGo Edge hosted solution. Now customers have the flexibility to determine the best deployment option for their organization. Whether they want to install the software on-premise or access a hosted solution, TerraGo Edge provides a cloud-based solution that lets mobile users share and synchronize GPS location notes in real-time from iOS and Android apps, or any web browser. âTerraGo Edge is designed with a modern mobile, cloud-based architecture that makes it a natural fit for organizations looking for a hosted solution,â said Dave Korte, Managing Partner, Portal Systems. âThe hosted solution enables rapid deployment of TerraGo Edge without the need for any IT resources, networking or server expertise,â said John Timar, Vice President, Global Business Development, TerraGo. âThis is ideal for both small organizations that lack an IT department and large corporations that want a 100% turnkey option.â