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TerraColor® NextGen Satellite Image Mosaic Global Coverage Released

By [email protected] - 1st May 2019 - 08:55

Earthstar Geographics LLC announced the release of the complete global coverage of their new TerraColor NextGen satellite image mosaic. NextGen products are seamless, colour-balanced mosaics of Landsat 8 satellite images created in true colour at 15-meter spatial resolution. They have been carefully processed to provide nearly cloud-free imagery along with top quality colour and contrast to maximize information content. “We are proud to release the planet-wide coverage of NextGen for clients needing uptodate medium resolution satellite image base maps,” said Eric Augenstein of Earthstar Geographics. “NextGen provides timely imagery for a changing world, and delivers a global mapping solution for a wide variety of geospatial applications.” TerraColor NextGen provides consistent, realistic satellite views, and forms a perfect complement to true colour high resolution imagery. All NextGen products are processed with an ocean mask to offer a clean, ready-to-use base map.