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Telematics for short-term hire vehicles - Masternaut launches the new M300 device

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 09:49

Masternaut has launched a new device to expand the use of telematics beyond the permanent fleet. Businesses have long benefited from the use of telematics in their commercial vehicles, as users have seen a considerable reduction in road accidents, fleet-related costs and CO2emissions. However, even though short-term hire vehicles account for 20% of fleets, they are not usually equipped with telematics due to installation costs and logistical challenges. To answer this challenge, Masternaut is expanding its hardware portfolio with the launch of a self-install track-and-trace device, the M300. The M300 is mounted to the vehicle’s windscreen and ready to use within minutes. As it is powered by a built-in battery, it can be removed with ease and reinstalled in any vehicle, avoiding vehicle downtime and the cost of an engineer.