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TDI-Brooks Develops New Auto Minivane For Enhanced Soil Testing

By GeoConnexion - 11th September 2023 - 19:33

TDI-Brooks announces the successful development and testing of a new instrument, the Auto-Minivane. The Auto-Minivane instrument is a self-contained, stand-alone miniature vane shear testing device that can be used in a 0.5 m vertical-stroke format by an onshore or offshore laboratory. The 1-m-stroke format can be mounted onto a box corer at sea to measure soil strength deep into the box core soil sample. The new Auto-Minivane accurately and precisely measures the undrained shear strength of very soft to stiff saturated fine-grained clayey soils in an automated process, including its ability to automatically advance down a series of preset depths for successive soil measurements in an acquired box core.

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