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TCarta Marine change the way dynamic environments are managed and monitored

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 09:20

TCarta Marine is creating the Vector Shoreline Products at Global, National and Local scales for mapping applications as diverse as environmental protection, coastal infrastructure development and flood insurance rate calculations. Many of the Vector Shoreline Products are available off-the-shelf, while others are custom derived from archived or newly collected satellite imagery. Available off-the-shelf for the entire world, the Global Vector Shoreline are 1:60,000-scale vectors derived from U.S. Landsat satellite imagery. The data sets include 2 million linear kilometers of coastlines, 400,000 islands, and thousands of rivers and streams. This scale provides broad-area resolution in a manageable file size ideal for monitoring global change over time. TCarta Marine President Kyle Goodrich said, “Whether your application requires a snapshot of shoreline locations in the 1970s or continuous monitoring of a changing coastal ecosystem today, we can provide the right data set.”