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Tallysman™ introduces the VeraPhase™ 6000 High Precision GNSS Antenna Series

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:35

Tallysman has made commercially availability the VeraPhase⢠6000 High Precision GNSS Antenna Series. This family of antennas provides the lowest axial ratios across all GNSS frequencies, great front to back ratios at all elevations, high efficiency, a tight PCV, and a consistent PCO through all frequencies. The performance of the VeraPhase⢠rivals that of choke ring antennas but is much lighter, smaller, and more economical. All these features makes this antenna family ideal for use in survey, precision RTK, and Reference antenna applications. This antenna also provides an available PCB within the base of the antenna for integration of a custom system board such as a dual band or RTK GNSS receivers or other applications. Each antenna has a well defined Phase Centre Offset relative to the Antenna Reference Plane.