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Swedish Space Corporation to Support ESA’s Next Earth Explorer Mission

By GeoConnexion - 1st March 2023 - 17:53

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) has signed an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) for data reception support of the Biomass satellite scheduled for launch in late 2023. Biomass is set to explore and collect important data about the Earth’s forests; it will take stock of the carbon stored globally and monitor the evolution over the 5 year’s lifetime of the mission exhibiting plant growth and deforestation. As the only commercial GS provider, SSC will support the mission with X-band data downlink connectivity from its polar ground stations in Inuvik and Kiruna. Biomass is the seventh satellite to be launched within ESA’s Earth Explorer program, a series of research missions dedicated to specific aspects of our Earth environment – from the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere down to the Earth’s surface and interior.

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