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SuperGIS Desktop Wins the Heart of Romanian Consulting Firms

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 14:15

After using SuperGIS Desktop for years, SysCAD, the Romanian surveying consulting firm recommends its business partner, EcoGIS, to select the same product. SuperGeo, is excited to announce its great result in enlarging its sales in new territories. Headquartered in the suburbs of Bucharest, SysCAD is a Romanian surveying instruments reseller and construction consulting firm. SysCAD possesses a team that has rich experiences both in marketing and technical support. Combining the expertise in GIS, GNSS, and RS, the services provided by SysCAD cover from consultancy in land development and cadastral management to surveying to land use change detection. As a company intensely using GIS software, SysCAD has purchased SuperGIS Desktop since 2015 and applied it to digitize maps and integrate surveying data with GIS data. With the three-year user experience, SysCAD is impressed by the reliable performance, the reasonable price, as well as the capabilities of COGO and land parcel editing of SuperGIS.