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Supergeo Strengthens the Partnership with Hollywood

By [email protected] - 22nd June 2018 - 08:44

Supergeo always takes in the advice and strives to provide better integrated GIS solutions that cater for users from different professional fields. To support the New Southbound Policy from Taiwanese government and assist its partners in expanding the business scope Supergeo dispatched its product manager to Southeast Asia. One of the special visits was made to Hollywood International Ltd., which is the largest local consulting firm of Surveying and Mapping in Thailand. Hollywood has long been the loyal Supergeo business partner
specializing in surveying engineering and high-precision instruments and equipment. It aims to help the public and private sectors in Thailand develop a complete spatial solution when taking all software, hardware, and database into account. Supergeoâs product team is comprised of experienced product developers and salespersons who are all very good at developing custom GIS products that meet the special needs of Supergeoâs partners to achieve successful collaborations. Â