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Supergeo renews partnership with Kuwaiti Agriculture Authority

By [email protected] - 7th January 2016 - 11:43

The long-term user of Supergeo products, Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources of Kuwait (PAAFR) has recently renewed the partnership with Supergeo. That includes maintenance and technical support on various products. Starting three years ago, the Kuwaiti agriculture authority has selected a series of Supergeo products, which included SuperPad, SuperGIS Server, SuperGIS Desktop and additional analysing extensions, for achieving a total solution on nature resource management and conservation. By equipping SuperPad and its NTRIP service, the field data would be collected more easily and precisely. After receiving the real-time spatial data that was sent by surveyors, GIS analysts could analyse the data through SuperGIS Desktop and its extensions, and then published the newest results on SuperGIS Server. The map services provided by SuperGIS Server were also supported by SuperPad, which could be instantly downloaded by field workers for better efficiency.