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Supergeo Partners with Agricultural Engineering Research Center

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2017 - 11:43

Agricultural Engineering Research Center has collaborated with Supergeo to develop an irrigation solution based on SuperGIS software. After intensive discussions with AERC’s specialists, the Product Team of Supergeo has developed a new-SuperGIS Desktop extension- Irrigation Analyst. Customized by Python language, SuperGIS Irrigation Analyst is designed to help farm managers estimate the crop water requirement of specified parcels after importing information of the crops and environment. Also, it can seamlessly work with other SuperGIS software and form a complete irrigation solution. By using SuperSurv to update onsite data and SuperGIS Server to manage web services, the total solution enables users to save the water resource as well as reduce the cost. Moreover, this solution is possible to integrate with new techs and makes a crucial step toward smart and sustainable farming. Supergeo is looking forward to promoting this solution in ASEAN countries: Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

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